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Bofizzly is Creating "REAL"ationships That Will Change the Face of Leadership Forever

Our competitive edge is a unique approach to leadership and management.  Bofizzly Group’s CEO and President, was raised in a restaurant where management was taught daily.  As a young girl she was immersed in the management of staff and the company as she sat at the Round Table with her father. This unique insight of the Round Table approach made her management skills exceptional and has served her well during her 18 years in the field of management and leadership.  She brings this expertise to all her speeches and workshops.



Our Specialty

Bofizzly Group offers a complete, custom, and interactive approach. Through six main services, Bofizzly Group delivers information on leadership, management, and public speaking in an effort to refocus the pointer on the true asset that makes the change happen... relationships.


Bofizzly Group is founded on the belief that the secret to success in management, leadership, and public speaking is through RELATIONSHIPS.

Teecy’s Bio / Curriculum Vitae

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Teecy Matthews


How We Do It

Bofizzly Group is a speaker, consultant, and leadership/management resource with a laser point focus on building relationships for leaders.

  • Discover

    We spend the time with you upfront to really understand your needs and the needs of your team. Together we will focus in on exactly what you want to accomplish and this will drive our process.

  • Design

    A skeleton design of the workshop/speech/presentation is created and presented to ensure we are all on the same page.

  • Develop

    This is where the MAGIC starts.... and this is why you hire Bofizzly Group. The development of your custom message, stories, anecdotes and activities are added to the agreed upon skeleton.

  • Deploy

    Deployment happens on the day of your training, workshop, presentation or speech.

Making you a better leader through relationships....


Speaking.... Consulting....Leadership...Management....


The vision of Bofizzly Group is to refocus your organization in developing and strengthening relationships at all levels. Through strong leadership and management school districts, state departments, businesses, and community based organizations will be able to focus on relationships as the true vehicle to successfully and deliberately achieve their goals.





With over 20 years of experience in teaching, management, leadership, mentoring, volunteerism, and parent engagement, Teecy brings the ability to discover the leader that sits in every seat that you work with.

custom message

All speeches, seminars, workshops, and resources are developed specifically to meet the needs of your team and your situation.  Handouts, visuals and overall theme of the work that Teecy will do for you will ring true to your mission and your measurements to achieving success.


There is just no other way to describe it…. Teecy CONNECTS!  She will leave your group, no matter how big or how small, feeling inspired and connected to the determined goals of the presentation.

high energy, fast and funny

No one will be looking at their watches when Teecy presents.  Her big energy, humor filled presentations are the epitome of making learning fun.  When you want to bring a team together and develop synergy… laughter is the best way to get there.

develop you as a speaker

The combination of teaching and public speaking are Teecy’s greatest assets.  Public Speaking is the number one fear of most people in the United States.  Work with Teecy to become the best speaker, presenter and leader you can be.  She will help you to connect and make a real impact!

tools you can really use

Online resources that really matter are the focus of our download section.  The resources in this section are developed through the direction of what local administrators need and request.


Relationships are the Key to Success

Teecy can inspire, motivate and influence…

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  • “I play video of the speech OVER AND OVER AND OVER again because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it THAT MUCH!!! From all the people, many we knew many we didn't know that came up to us and said how much they loved it.... SO YAHOOOOO GIRL YOU AND MATT ROCKED IT!”

    Kristi P. / Proud Mom of a Valedictorian

  • “Teecy's presentations are engaging and I’m always awestruck by the genuineness that she exudes and how she comes across as a “real” educator meeting the needs of her audience, both in instructional and non-instructional groups.”

    Gay S./Principal, DES

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