From the August, 2015

Great Tips on Employee Evaluations

Depending on your organization or field of expertise,  employee evaluations come around on a regular basis.  These formal employee evaluations might be once a year or as often as quarterly.  They typically consist of […]

The Right Place – The 5 R’s of Management

I’ve shared with you already about my dad.  He managed for 34 years of his life… and from the time I can remember he always preached the Five R’s to success in management.   […]

Parent Engagement – Video

Here are my thoughts on Elementary Parent Engagement from the view point of Parent Partnerships…. Overview: Three types of Parent Partners: Fund Raisers Volunteers Academic Support Focus on Parent Partners who Provide Academic Support: […]

Leadership Lessons from the Classroom

I know the power of relationships and I also know that, if we look at successful teachers we can learn some leadership lessons from the classroom.   I have been blessed to have many […]

School Car Line Pick-up: Tips and Tricks

There are so many processes to learn at the start of a new school year, especially if you are a new family.  Like what are the school car line pick-up rules?  Or how do […]

On The Bus Called Leadership

“Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” ~Jim Collins   Typically we are raised to believe there are rules in […]

Open House or Curriculum Night; The Best Ever

Open House or Curriculum Night is coming full speed ahead at you.  Start your planning now and use a few cues from photographers to make it the best night ever. The steps are honestly […]

Service Leadership – A Great Opportunity

Service Leadership is a big buzzword these days in the world of Leadership.  Today I learned exactly what that means to me… I am happiest when I am serving someone.  I spent the day […]

Bad Employee or Petulant Profession?

You’ve met them all, you’ve begun to see how they interact and there is one or a few that you wonder…. “Are they a bad employee or just a petulant professional?”  No matter the […]

School Volunteers, 4 Easy Tips

School volunteers are a valuable asset to our schools and very often they are under used or not utilized to their greatest potential.  I always like to encourage school administration to think about volunteers […]