Bad Employee or Petulant Profession?

You’ve met them all, you’ve begun to see how they interact and there is one or a few that you wonder…. “Are they a bad employee or just a petulant professional?”  No matter the case, now is the time to take action.  

You’ve met them all, there is one or a few that you wonder…. “Are they a bad employee or just petulant professionals?” Now is the time to take action.

There is much to accomplish and having someone intentionally or not, bring down the culture you are working to build will not get you to your ultimate goal or vision.  There is also greatness in everyone, so the question is how do you, as a leader, foster that greatness in an effort to maintain your course of an amazing year and foster that greatness to bring out the best in the few that could easily become difficult or challenging to manage and lead?


Here are six actions you must take…for the bad employee and/or the petulant professional….

  • Define Your Culture

Start here.  This is so important.  Your staff should be as ready to tell someone the culture of your school/organization or business as easily as you can.  Your culture should be seen in every action of every person.  This belief should direct and influence decisions and reactions from the entire team.  


  • Ask The Employee

Don’t assume that you know why a staff member is petulant or even why one can’t perform appropriately.  Start by asking.  Plain and simple… you’ve noticed some things and would like to discuss.  Then be quiet.  You learn so much from silence.  Let them talk, let them tell you their frustration in life or in the job.  


  • Be Clear About Communication and Problem Solving

There is no problem that together as a team… you can not find a solution for.  This is your time to reiterate that with your staff member.  Let them know that you are there to be part of the problem solving team.  You want them to be happy and to enjoy the work they do and the only way you can do that is through communication.  Be very clear that if something is bothering them so much that it impacts the core culture and services of your work… you need to know about it and you need to be part of the solution.


  • Perception Check

This is an action you need to take on your own.  Is the issue of the staff member perception or truly an issue?  Keep in mind though, that a person’s perception is their reality.  But for overall leadership of the organization you need a perception check.  This will dictate how you move forward with the issues.  You do have to deal with your employees perception, in order for you to build the trust and respect needed to coach them to the level of success you are looking for.


  • Take Firm Action

Be Fair and firm.  There are expectations for all staff members, there are expectations for how the team reacts and interacts with those that you serve.  If they maintain their sullen behavior it can and will transfer to others and ultimately undercut all your work for the year.  This is the time to cover your culture again and let them know that your expectation is that they are on board with your vision and overall culture.  Keep an eye on their daily decision-making process and ensure that they are using the core beliefs and team culture to make those decisions.  If not, follow-up and take firm action.


  • Commitment

Ask your team member for commitment to the culture of the school/organization/business and then compliment them when you see them doing this.  Praise their team spirit as it grows and continue to provide support.
How do youYou’ve met them all, there is one or a few that you wonder…. “Are they a bad employee or just petulant professionals?” Now is the time to take action. handle petulant professionals and/or bad employees?  Tell us below in the comments.


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