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People Matter…Say My Name!

Dear Judy, Please accept this letter as a true indication of my most sincere apologies for scaring the crap out of you today.  But you looked so frustrated as you ran after that bus, […]

What My First Job as a Manager Taught Me

What My First Job as a Manager Taught Me I dropped my kids off today at overnight summer camp, the exact same summer camp that I went to as a kid, and the exact […]


Hire the Right People My dad, who managed for 34 years of his life,  always preached the Five R’s to success in management. The Right People in The Right Place at The Right Time […]

6 steps to creating the ULTIMATE SOLUTION FINDING TEAM!

My career for many years has been around mentoring.  Within all successful mentoring relationships there is a common thread of creating a safe environment.  The same is true with the teams that we work […]