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School Volunteers, 4 Easy Tips

School volunteers are a valuable asset to our schools and very often they are under used or not utilized to their greatest potential.  I always like to encourage school administration to think about volunteers […]

When is it OK to Lose Your Cool?

When is it OK to Lose Your Cool? When is it ok to publicly lose your cool as a leader?  um… well… it’s not! When you teach school, there is a phenomenon known as […]

How I Listen Like a Boss

There is a person in my life, who I love very much.  This person has many amazing qualities and is a force to be reckoned with; this person is also legally deaf.  (It is […]


Hire the Right People My dad, who managed for 34 years of his life,  always preached the Five R’s to success in management. The Right People in The Right Place at The Right Time […]

Fear is NO Option

Fear is NO Option What would you do if success was guaranteed? What is your dream that is so crazy, big, and scary that it makes you want to puke? Would you walk away […]