Key Note Speaker

We deliver key note addresses to inspire, motivate, and influence.

Focusing on the message…


Be prepared to be WOWED!  When you bring Teecy to your next conference or meeting, you are getting one of the top, entertaining speakers in the nation. (Check Out Teecy’s Bio Here)

Here are some examples of topics that Teecy is known for:


The Round Table Manager

Effectively build functions for best practices from some of the great managers from varying industries.  Learn the 5 R’s of Management and how they relate to the work you do.

Success Starts with Relationships

The basis of everything we do is the central focus on relationships.  Learn how to develop and utilize relationships for overall success in your team.

Resource Leaders - Hiding in Plain Site

There is not just one leader in an organization.  Leaders come in all sizes, ages and capacities.  Never underestimate the power of your team and the tools that they bring to the table.

Competition, Collaboration, and Communication - Which One of These Doesn't Belong Here?

Collaboration and communication are key critical for the success of your organization.  However, if you throw unproductive competition in the middle, the whole equation gets out of whack!

Prepare, Present, Perfect - Public Presentations

Presentations can be formal in nature or informal as your team interacts with the public.  How do you create presentations that will win your audience over and move them to action?

If Data Makes the Decisions... then Who Implements the change?

Data may drive the decisions but without a team willing to implement… you are going nowhere fast.  How do you ensure that your team has the know-how, the clear vision, and the passion to facilitate change?