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10 Suggestions to be a Balanced Manager

  Do you have a worry plant at work?  It just might help you be a balanced manager…   I once heard a story, many years ago about a man who had a worry […]

Sitcom Management – Is it real?

“Sitcom Management” – you know the type of management you see on television…. where you wonder if anyone is really that bad.  Is it real?  Have you ever experienced it?  Well you know the […]

Hiring and On-Boarding New Employees – Video

Easy steps to hiring and on-boarding of new employees:    

Great Tips on Employee Evaluations

Depending on your organization or field of expertise,  employee evaluations come around on a regular basis.  These formal employee evaluations might be once a year or as often as quarterly.  They typically consist of […]

The Right Place – The 5 R’s of Management

I’ve shared with you already about my dad.  He managed for 34 years of his life… and from the time I can remember he always preached the Five R’s to success in management.   […]

Service Leadership – A Great Opportunity

Service Leadership is a big buzzword these days in the world of Leadership.  Today I learned exactly what that means to me… I am happiest when I am serving someone.  I spent the day […]

Bad Employee or Petulant Profession?

You’ve met them all, you’ve begun to see how they interact and there is one or a few that you wonder…. “Are they a bad employee or just a petulant professional?”  No matter the […]

School Volunteers, 4 Easy Tips

School volunteers are a valuable asset to our schools and very often they are under used or not utilized to their greatest potential.  I always like to encourage school administration to think about volunteers […]

First Day of School – 4 Relationship Focused Tips

The first day of school is upon us.  Some schools start back on Monday while others will be starting in the next few weeks.  You can feel the excitement and just like in the […]

A Positive Work Environment – The Ultimate Guide

I know better than anyone the need for a positive work environment.  I remember sitting in my car as a young professional, for 15 minutes, begging myself to get out of the car and […]